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Our understanding and expertise covers every facet of the Amazon marketplace, providing our clients with an end to end solution, anywhere in the world.

Whether you need to drive sales, launch a new range or expand into new markets, our Amazon marketing team will run your campaigns and help you achieve your objectives.

We provide a customised Amazon sales and marketing analytics dashboard which enables you to better manage, optimise and grow your business.

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What's in the Mix?

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Cocktail Marketing will assess your business objectives and develop a custom sales and marketing strategy.

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Target Audience Profile Development

Cocktail Marketing works with you to understand and refine your target audience meaning your ads and products are displayed for maximum effectiveness.

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Campaign Setup & Optimisation

Our expert team will use keywords and audience data to set up the most effective campaigns, optimised to match online activity on your website.

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Account Management

Each campaign run by Cocktail Marketing comes with a dedicated account manager who will monitor it daily with real-time dashboards. They will arrange regular calls with your team to ensure you’re totally across all campaigns.

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