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Electronic Direct Mail (EDM) is an extremely effective and proven way to directly communicate to your existing and potential customers. By emailing informative material regularly, EDMs not only increase brand awareness but also customer engagement and loyalty.

EDMs can include newsletters, product updates, special offers, educational tools and much more. The Cocktail Marketing creative team designs and develops high impact content as well as managing the mailing system and reporting, giving you complete peace of mind.

Email Marketing

What's in the Mix?

Cocktail Marketing Page Icons Strategy


The team at Cocktail Marketing will assess your business requirements and develop a custom strategy to target your existing and potential clients.

Cocktail Marketing Page Icons Emailing System Set Up

Mail-out System Set Up

Don’t have a system set up to send out EDMs? Don’t worry, we will set up and manage your emails using the best EDM systems available.

Cocktail Marketing Page Icons Database Segmentation

Database Segmentation

Our team will take your existing database and segment it to effectively target specific audiences.

Cocktail Marketing Page Icons Custom And Template Designs

Custom and Template Designs

We custom design and code unique templates to make your EDM’s stand out, easy to read and simple to interact with.

Cocktail Marketing Page Icons Content Development Copy

Content Development

Too busy to think of content for regular emails? No problem, we can develop and coordinate your content for you, including sourcing imagery and writing copy.

Cocktail Marketing Page Icons Send Out And Reporting

Send out and Reporting

Just say when and we'll manage the send out of your EDM, as well as produce a detailed report for you to see exactly who has been interacting with your content and those who haven't.

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