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The ultimate goal of any marketing campaign is to make an impression. Logos, images, unique fonts and page layouts take your branding and product design to the next level.

At Cocktail Marketing, our creative and design team develops bold, strong and effective designs to make your brand and products stand out. We offer fresh, innovative ideas along with quality, high-end artwork which is both market-specific and eye-catching.


What's in the Mix?

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A logo is the face of your business, and with the right design your brand will be recognised for all the right reasons.

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Having the right image to represent your brand is essential to telling your brand story. Let Cocktail Marketing help choose and coordinate the right imagery for you.

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Even fonts can have an effect on lifting a brand's public perception, we're talking taking it from the seventies and bringing it into the 21st century.

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The design of your product can be the difference between it being sold as a preferred brand and sold in the discount section. Cocktail Marketing are experts at designing a premium look and feel.

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Corporate Profiles

Tell the story of your business in the format of a corporate profile. Crafted expertly, this can be an essential tool to use for onboarding stakeholders and investors..

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Whether it's physical flying banners or a variety of digital web banners, designing a full spread to use across multiple platforms is key to building brand awareness and customer loyalty.

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