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Not supporting your resellers results in them feeling undervalued. After all, these are the people who are out there personally communicating your product to every would-be purchaser who is literally choosing between your brand or one of your competitors.

Many businesses make the mistake of thinking partnerships with resellers happen without effort. But it’s about investing in connecting with people who will fly your flag – and at Cocktail Marketing we’re experts in strengthening your partner relationships and stimulating your reseller network, we can create the perfect ingredients for businesses who want to expand.

Channel Partner Programs

What's in the Mix?

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The team at Cocktail Marketing will assess your business requirements and develop a custom strategy to help motivate your existing retail channels as well as create incentive for onboarding new stakeholders.

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Creating a wide range of in-store point of sale (POS) material such as high impact posters, counter cards, and mobiles will result in increased sales of your products even when there isn’t a sales person in sight . They also make your retail partners feel supported.

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Incentive Programs

It's not enough to just send out a promotion to your retailers, for the best results let Cocktail Marketing develop incentive programs to help motivate and engage sales staff to sell your brand in preference to others.

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Supply Chain Support & Implementation

Ensure your resellers have a place they can access marketing assets, training materials and company updates by building an online portal.

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Websites for your Retailers

It's well known more people do their research online before purchasing than ever. Offer your resellers a website to become their number one brand.

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Marketing Support

Have a say on how your reseller markets your brand to their customers by providing them with a full deck of digital and printed assets.

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